Getting in touch

There are three ways you can connect with me - it all depends on which way works best for you. I always try to get back to folks within a day, but if it takes me longer, be patient, I'm not ignoring you.

Join the Text Community

By texting 207.501.3119, you can become a member of the Text Community. You can text me whenever you like, and I'll respond when I'm able. These messages really go straight to my cell so it's a very reliably way to get in touch and to get quick answers or responses.

Reach out on Twitter

I'm not hugely active on social media, but I'm most active on Instagram and Twitter. Reaching out by tagging me or DM-ing me (they're open) is a fast way to get your ideas or feedback in front of me.

Fill out this old-fashioned contact form

Some people still like forms (I am one of those "some people") and are always looking for a real good form to fill out. Great news! Here's one such form, you form aficionado.