Joining the Donor & Advisory Board (DAB)

I'm still in the planning stages of forming the Donor & Advisory Board. It's an important thing and I'll be taking all the time necessary to ensure that, once formed, the DAB can operate smoothly and fulfill its purpose. Until then, your support is still very much appreciated, and alternative, one-time displays of support can be found below. Thanks for being here.

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Alternative methods of support

Not everyone will be able to join the Donor and Advisory Board, and that's okay because the DAB is focused on the long-term and there are plenty of short-term items I need your support with. For example: if a plugin that usually costs $400 goes on sale for 90%-off, the short-term accessible support provided by OTD means I can take advantage of the sale. Support from the DAB doesn't have that sort of flexibility.

One-Time Donation

A single donation of any amount is still extremely appreciated and can be done via our Ko-Fi account in increments of $1. This support is utilized differently than support from the DAB and is put exclusively towards one-time cost upgrades. These include tools like Audioease's Altiverb and Indoor, Izotope's Dialogue Match, or a particular fx pack from a place like BoomLibrary.

Leave a 5-Star Review

Support comes in many forms and if you're strapped for cash I don't expect you to commit your next spare buck to me and this project - but that doesn't mean you're completely without the power to help. Leaving the podcast a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser is perhaps the most helpful free action you can take. Beyond that, simply interacting with me on social, letting me know what you like and what you don't like, is also helpful. This is a lot of work and a boost in morale is always appreciated.

Fund an entire season (12 episodes)

If you have both the philanthropic interest and the means to fund an entire season of these productions, please contact me directly via [email protected] and we can discuss how that would work.